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“Fantastic session of Yoga.” – Ash


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holistic yoga flow
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“Simply the BEST!!
I have been to plenty of yoga classes for over the last 15 years and have been fortunate to find this class with an amazing instructor (Manish Ramji) which is by far the best I’ve experienced.
His classes are structured, very well planned and flow seamlessly from end to end. Each class is never the same so there’s no risk of getting bored. There’s plenty of variation in poses which is refreshing from some of the standard routine classes I used to attend. With his exceptional knowledge and understanding of the human body Manish finds time to correct alignment as and when required to ensure individuals benefit and get the best from the poses.
Some of the many differences with Manish’s teaching style is how he personalises his classes with his enthusiasm, fun, laughter and entertainment which is brought into the practice – each individual walks out with a smile ready for the weekend and also looking forward to the next session.
Although it is a sad time for the class members and I, I would like to wish you all the very best with your future aspiration and challenges. I have every faith you will be extremely successful and look forward to your return in 2020.
Thank you so much from one of your many No.1 Yogi fans!” 


“Always great to try new things & I really enjoyed it – Manish is really good!!! I have a feeling that you’ll need to get plenty more mats!!” 


“Morning guys, get yourself’s booked in to yoga TONIGHT. I couldn’t recommend it enough! I had a terrible ache in the back of my shoulder muscle for a while, after my first session of yoga with Manish Ramji it was gone. It was also great to hold deep stretches for a while and let your muscles breath. You really feel the benefits a couple of days later!”




“Running my own business whilst undertaking a university degree and family commitments had left me feeling increasingly stressed and fatigued. Never having experienced a yoga class before I wasn’t sure what to expect? Manish was very welcoming and took the time to enquire about my personal goals alongside any injuries prior to the class.
Manish’s enthusiasm for teaching has been engaging and inspiring. Being an osteopathic student I have been impressed with his incorporated musculoskeletal knowledge, which is used alongside yogas holistic approach and has helped me in relieving my physiological stress and subsequent muscular tensions.


“I have been attending Manish’s yoga classes for the past year and have had a few 1:1 lessons with him. His yoga classes are just the best. From the start to finish, each class is greeted with the most friendly, warm welcome with candles, incense sticks, beautiful authentic music to set the tome. Walking into his yoga class just makes me want to leave everything behind and it puts me into another zone.
Each of his classes are designed with energising and challenging sequences with a peaceful relaxation which motivates me and helps me to build my own practise, confidence and brings me to my inner peace. What makes his classes so special is his personality, kindness, gentleness, humour and being supportive.
I have been to several other yoga classes with other teachers but after Manish’s class every week, I feel rejuvenated, energised, positive, motivated, tranquil, safe and most importantly feel good and happy.
Manish is one of my best yoga teachers and actually, he has inspired me to become a yoga teacher myself. I would love to do more and more of his classes. Thank you Manish! You are the best!


“Last night I did yoga for the first time at Slough with Manish & it was AMAZING!

Yoga is harder than it looks but so rewarding. I felt like a new woman after that session.

If you struggle with flexibility/mobility (like myself) or find it hard to relax at times then try Yoga with Manish out.

Come to the next class and give it a go!!”


“Just did my first yoga class with Manish and it was just beautiful I loved it ?❤️ incense, candles lots of long stretches – was just what I needed. My hips and hamstrings are very grateful to you ? Namaste! ?


“I don’t think I quite realised the impact that just a few sessions with Manish would have on my mental and physical health. The time on the mat instilled with me a sense of calmness amidst a period of turbulent change in my working life.

The power yoga had immense impact on my life and I’d recommend opening your mind to the experience.”


I started yoga by accident (had 90 mins to kill during the kids swimming and spouse’s HIIT class) – happened to attend one of Manish’s power yoga class about 8 months back and haven’t looked back since. All of Manish’s thoughtfully-crafted classes have a theme, whether its Yin yoga or Vinyasa or core-strengthening power yoga. He is a guru you’d want to follow because he gives every single class a unique flow, which I have not seen with any other yoga instructor. If you hate routine, love to test your physical limits and like your 4 senses (background music which is so synchronized with the asanas, the aroma of incense and essential oils, candles and the gentle massage after intensive sessions) to be in perfect harmony, go to his classes – you will not be disappointed. And if you ever feel stressed out, he will keep you going with his amazing sense of humour and his warm smile. Thanks Manish, you are magical!


“I’ve long aspired to be a Yogi. Before I joined Manish’s power yoga I tried a couple of classes however I’d end up feeling mortified when the class performed their best one handed tree pose whilst I was left in a knot at the back of the room. My experience with Manish’s class was completely different. The pace & movement catered for all levels in the class & his teaching queues & encouragement enabled me to grasp the techniques quickly. By the time I left the class I felt relaxed yet energised – well worked yet nicely recovered. I’d recommend this class to anybody who fancies giving yoga a try or wants to improve their yoga practice.”


“I just wanted to say that having practiced Yoga at a variety of different places I can say that Manish’s classes are by far the best I have ever been to. The instructions are clear, the breath (which is such an important part but often overlooked) is clearly explained. The practises are varied stimulating. There’s always something new to discover & the stories are so mindful. If you haven’t given it a go you need to make a priority of going to his classes. The effects last for days & really help not only Crossfit but your whole life wellness.”

Georgia & Scott

“Since doing power & yin yoga with Manish on a Friday it has been the biggest stress reliever & I look forward to it every single week. I am noticing the difference to my everyday life & my abilities for CrossFit sessions. My dad also really benefits from the sessions, as he has had bad knees; it is helping with his mobility. I would recommend these sessions to everyone, as everyone should find time for an hour a week to focus on their wellbeing.”


“Yoga is so complex but Manish manages to tick all yoga boxes from mindfulness to ultimate power.

I go back to his class each week because in his class it’s all about me myself and I.  

I put my life on hold… as I’m reminded to slow down & breathe it puts life back into perspective as I reflect, relax & heal myself.

Ultimate Power Yoga has made me physically and mentally much stronger.

Suraj & Elodie

“My partner and I were looking for something to help us during a very stressful time in our lives.

We attended one of Manish’s classes and immediately got hooked to his yoga style.

Power Yoga not only gives a great workout but also makes you a lot stronger week by week and helps you releases a lot of tension within the body.

We felt so energised and relaxed, as the blood was flowing within our bodies, our minds became clear and we both started sleeping peacefully without any issues.

Manish is a very special Yoga teacher, he has a great calmness and soothing affect within his voice, he is kind, loving and generous to all his Yogis, that’s why people just keep coming back for more!

Manish is not only our Yoga teacher but has lately become our dear friend and we couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone who wishes to take up yoga.”


“For all of you wondering what Manish Ramji’s yoga class is all about on Friday evenings:

I previously would have put myself in the cynical camp about yoga. I’ve used all the excuses before such as I don’t have time for it in my training program; it’s just for women; it’s just stretching;  I’m not flexible enough. Manish asked me to give his class a try and I was completely surprised. 

Manish’s welcoming voice and clear instruction means that each class suits everyone from beginner to expert. There’s a brilliant blend of dynamic movements which make you work hard and stretching to prevent injury followed by the perfect amount of time for relaxation and meditation. 

My greatest learning after just one class was that I didn’t realise quite how stressed and tired I was. I now go every week and my sleep pattern is so much better. 

I’d highly recommend trying one of Manish’s classes. If you’ve tried yoga before then you’ll love it. If like me you had avoided yoga in the past you definitely need to try it, you won’t regret it.”

Ashley & Ed

“We did our first yoga class with Manish on Friday and it was the best one I have ever been to, Manish was excellent with my fiancé who hasn’t done yoga before and so professional. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I left feeling like I’d just woken up from the best sleep, so refreshing and relaxing. Thanks Manish, we will definitely be back!

“You brought great energy,  compassion, love, light, laughter and enthusiasm into your fun filled yoga classes with gentle humour. You are an amazing example of how mind, body and spirit can be aligned in our chaotic world. You will be a blessing to all your future students. Good luck with all your future ventures.  We will all miss your unique and enriching style of teaching. I hope to come to your class this Friday”.
Rajini 😀

“No matter how tough was my week I always know that when I finish it with Manish’s Power Yoga class, I will raise myself to a greater physical and spiritual potential and will find the words of wisdom he says at the end of the class as he would have specially chosen them for me”.

“Manish is an amazing yoga instructor. He has got immense knowledge of yoga. Always smiling..making people laugh. His way of teaching & humour in the class makes every yoga position so easy for all. He is such a warm personality that I believe there is lot to learn from Manish.”

Manish’s yoga classes are not to be missed. He knows each student by name and greets them at the start of every session. The classes are well prepared and no two classes are ever the same. Each student is kept engaged and on task with clear instructions and  first class modelling. The  selection of music is also thoroughly planned. Warm ups and warm downs ensure relaxation. At the end of the session a thought for meditation enables students to take forward into their daily lives the principles of yoga. The organisation of social evenings also enables the group to bond together.
I hope Manish this is what you wanted. I have really enjoyed my sessions with you. I am not very co-ordinated or fit but have really benwfited from your classes where I do not feel judged because of that. Your classes are welcoming and inclusive suitable for all levels as you model different levels of a yoga position which will stretch and challenge all abilities.”

“Manish brought to us an ever-changing variety of classes. Each one very enjoyable and humorous.
Plus the fact of enabling the participants to get to know each other is also very precious.”

Thank you for showing me my true strength. Not only physical strength, but more importantly mental strength. You’ve shown me that I am more than what others may think of me, and that I can rise above any obstacle that comes through my path. Thank you so much.

“Really enjoyed the yoga classes. It’s something I’ve not really done before but it’s aiding my recovery and I’m already noticing an improvement in my flexibility. Thank you.”

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